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Corey T. Aiken Sr. serves as the Lead Pastor of Grace Community Church of Charleston.

He is a highly sought-after revivalist and life coach. He is a native of Charleston, South Carolina.


Bishop Aiken has dedicated his life to preaching and teaching the Gospel. Those who have embraced the prophetic ministry of Bishop Aiken identify him as a passionate and gifted proclaimer of God’s Word. He brings a unique approach that embodies that traditions and values of yesterday, while simultaneously remaining flexible enough to effectively reach today’s generation. Graced with wisdom beyond his years, he faithfully serves the people of God. Above all, Bishop Corey is a loving husband and father.


He is happily married to Lady Jerrica Aiken, and the couple reside in the Charleston area along with their four children.


For booking and contact information, you can visit his website here:



Jerrica Lynn Aiken serves as Co-Pastor of Grace Community Church of Charleston. She is an accomplished inspirational blogger, speaker and visionary. Affectionately known as Lady Jerrica, she is a native of Charleston, South Carolina.


Lady Jerrica has dedicated her life to empowering and uplifting others. Her inspirational blog, which seeks to inspire and heal women through a holistic spiritual and practical approach, attracts hundreds of viewers every month. Her annual Building Women Up Conference attracts dozens of women from all over the Southeast every year that come to be healed, uplifted and

empowered. On October 13, 2018 this conference was further recognized for its success by the State of South Carolina, when she was awarded a certificate of recognition from Governor Henry McMaster.


A loving wife and mother Lady Jerrica is happily married to Lead Pastor Corey T. Aiken Sr., whom she serves alongside as Co-Pastor. Together, they have four beautiful children and reside in the Charleston area.


For more information about Lady Jerrica, you can visit her blog here:


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